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Evans Case, LLP. June 15, 2015. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

Former Partner

Practice Areas
Real Estate
Construction Defect Litigation
Serious Injury
Wrongful Death

Joe Stengel brings to his practice a unique perspective. A native of southwest Denver, his guiding philosophy has been that hard work leads to success. Joe has been a small business owner (in the automotive industry), a political leader and community servant, holding, he likes to call it, “the trifecta of unpopular jobs.” But what you quickly understand about Joe is that it’s this experience and dedication to difficult jobs that makes him a valuable ally and formidable opponent.

Joe had considered law school early on, but ended up attending Western State College in Colorado, earning his bachelor’s degree in both economics and history in 1976. He then embarked on his career in business, eventually owning and operating a successful automotive salvage yard and repair shop.

After a foray into governance via four terms as a state legislator (where Joe served as chairman of the House Finance Committee and as House Minority Leader in his final term), he finally came full circle by realizing his dream to practice law. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law in December 2004, attending night school while serving in the legislature to do so.

Joe interned at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office and then interned at a small firm. He joined what was then Benson Case in 2007 and is now a partner at Evans Case. He also is licensed to practice through the Wyoming State Bar. His practice areas include personal injury, wrongful death, real estate, construction defects, property matters and oil and gas related matters.

The underlying current of his work – as both a legislator and an attorney – has been to stick up for the little guy. He believes that doing anything good focuses your attention on what’s important in life. For Joe, what’s most important is to show up and pay attention. He gives himself fully to his clients, working hard to make their situation better within the framework of the law.

And when he’s not working for his clients, Joe gives himself fully to his family and the outdoors he loves. Father of two boys – and now a grandfather as well – Joe enjoys outdoor sports, hunting and fishing.