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Evans Case, LLP. June 15, 2015. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.

Evans Case Proudly Congratulates Our Honoree John Case Selected to 2016 Super Lawyers

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Practice Areas
Serious Injuries
Wrongful Death
Professional Negligence
Insurance Bad Faith
Civil Trial & Appeals

John Case co-founded Evans Case, LLP (formerly Benson & Case, LLP) in 1998 and has tried civil cases for more than 40 years. He believes strongly in the civil justice system, where juries hold wrongdoers and insurance companies responsible for unlawful actions that harm innocent people. His practice areas include serious injury, wrongful death, professional negligence and insurance bad faith.

Tackling difficult challenges has been a theme in John’s life. After graduating from Dartmouth in 1965, he served in the U.S. Navy as a bombardier-navigator in an A-6 squadron, flying night bombing missions off the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea during the Vietnam War. “Our country called young men of my generation to serve in an unpopular war, and we went,” John says. “We learned to control our fear, stay focused on our mission, and work as a team. Military service was the most valuable experience of my life.”

After completing Naval service, John earned his law degree in 1973 from University of Denver College of Law. In 1974 he began honing his trial skills in the old Arapahoe County Court House in Littleton, trying criminal and civil cases to juries. John’s favorite judge was the late William Naugle, about whom he shares this story. During a sexual assault trial where John’s client claimed that the victim consented, the victim’s description of events to the jury was strikingly different from her testimony at the preliminary hearing. John needed to show the jury the inconsistency. During cross-examination, he got down on the floor and asked the victim’s permission to demonstrate to the jury the position of her body. Laying on the floor in front of the jury, John noticed Judge Naugle glaring at him. Then, John stood up and asked the victim to read out loud to the jury the transcript of her prior inconsistent testimony. After the jury was excused for lunch, Judge Naugle said, “Case, come up here.” John walked slowly to the bench, knowing he was in trouble. Judge Naugle said, “Never, ever, lay on the floor of my courtroom again.” John said, “Yes sir.” Judge Naugle smiled and said, “It really turns me on.” The jury acquitted John’s client.

John never gives up on a client’s pursuit of justice. He attributes success to belief in his client’s cause and meticulous preparation. Evans Case employs state-of-the-art courtroom technology to show the jury videotaped depositions of defendants admitting wrongdoing, and colorful exhibits that depict his clients’ story of injury and harm. He calls widely respected medical experts to explain how a defendant’s recklessness devastated his client’s life. He has tried more than 100 jury trials in his career, winning approximately 75% of these.

Over the years, John has achieved justice for many clients. But giving back to his community and serving as pro bono counsel for nonprofit Friends of Denver Parks is one of his most challenging endeavors. In 2013 he sued to save 11 acres of Hampden Heights North Park in southeast Denver, after the city traded the park land to Denver Public Schools (DPS) in exchange for a DPS administration building downtown. For his efforts, the Denver Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation awarded John and Friends of Denver Parks the 2014 President’s Award for Outstanding Service. After the judge denied John’s clients their right to a trial, John appealed. The appeal is pending.

Additionally, John volunteers at Regis Jesuit High School and at the Church of the Risen Christ, where he serves as a Eucharistic minister and, with his wife Judy, helps engaged couples prepare for marriage. He and Judy are the proud parents of four children and five grandchildren. An avid hockey player as a youth, John still plays today with the Colorado Stars Old Boys team.

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