John Case
Success Story

Our client, a geophysicist and private pilot, was hit at an intersection by a seventeen-year-old distracted driver. Our client’s head hit the driver’s window, resulting in a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage. He was in the hospital for 14 days, and later developed severe headaches, a sleep disorder, cognitive problems, and other issues that resulted in FAA revoking his pilot’s license.

The distracted driver had a $100,000 auto liability policy, which her insurance company paid. John Case was able to prove that the driver was on duty for her employer at the time of the crash, and we reached an additional settlement with her employer’s insurance company for $335,000.

Our client worked hard in therapy. He returned to his job as a geophysicist, and eventually re-qualified for his pilot license.

Evans Case is proud to have helped this client recover from a serious injury and achieve his goals. –John Case