Joe Stengel
Success Story

We were hired by a client whose accounts had been frozen because of wrongful charges filed in a financial litigation suit regarding charitable contributions to a nonprofit organization. She had no access to her money for over a year and was living solely on her Social Security payment. A lien was placed on her house, property, all assets including bank accounts. We performed diligent research and investigation, conducted multiple depositions, and eventually presented the facts at trial.

The Judge found in our clients’ favor. All money was released back to our client.

I was proud to see justice done for someone who was wrongly accused. – Joe Stengel

“I entered into a contract to work on a multi-state construction project. Attorney Joe Stengel of Evans Case, LLP took my case after my efforts to receive compensation were unsuccessful. Joe was able to intercede on my behalf. It was such a relief to have him on my side to get the case resolved.” –  Dan O.

“Attorney Joe Stengel of Evans Case, LLP took my case after everyone said it would be impossible to win. Joe worked for two years getting all the facts together and was able to help me get enough compensation so I could rebuild my business and get it back up and running again.” – Dale U.