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The untimely death of a loved one can be devastating to a family on an emotional, psychological and financial level. This is especially true if your loved one’s death could have been prevented if not for the reckless conduct of a person who chose to violate the law. It is crucial that families who have lost a loved one to wrongful death consult with an experienced wrongful death attorney to learn more about their legal rights.

While we know that no amount of money can ever make up for the loss of a loved one, we also believe that families who have lost someone to a wrongful death deserve financial support and compensation for the loss.

How We Can Serve You

Our goal is to help our clients secure the maximum possible settlement for their wrongful death claim. We settle 95% of claims for our clients. Our process is prompt, thorough, and completely confidential.

If your loved one died because of someone’s carelessness, EvansCase can assist you with many types of wrongful death cases, including:

  • Car, truck, and motorcycle crashes:

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration states that more than 40,000 people die each year in the United States in car and truck crashes. In every case, the reckless conduct of another driver (or a car manufacturer) played a role in causing the death. Examples of such fatal reckless behavior include drunk driving and refusal to obey the traffic laws.

  • Medical malpractice:

These wrongful death cases involve a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider failing to provide safe treatment to a patient. Failing to read test results accurately, performing wrong or unnecessary surgeries, and failing to take a person’s medical history into consideration can all be forms of medical malpractice.

  • Defective products:

Also referred to as product liability cases, these wrongful death cases involve claims that a product was poorly designed, manufactured and/or not properly safety tested before being sold to the public. These claims may also involve cases when a company failed to fully disclose the risks associated with a product and/or failed to provide proper safety instructions to the public.

  • Criminal acts:

In these wrongful death cases, the criminal actions of another person – such as acts of assault, abuse, or manslaughter – will be the central focus of the case. While the person who committed the criminal act will face a separate criminal trial, the wrongful death case will be a civil case in which the family seeks compensation for the loss of their loved one.

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